Coordination Office of Corporate Communication


Visual Standards

BU-KİK Design Unit provides the professional design support needed for the realization of the University's promotional activities. The head of the unit carries out the design activities carried out in cooperation and coordination with the Department of Communication Design, making use of the facilities of the Department.

In this framework, BU-KİK Design Unit uploads the corporate logos, event and promotional posters to the system and makes them available to its internal stakeholders.

You can download the prepared 3 concepts from the relevant links. In order to use the concept components correctly, the Gotham font family must be installed on your system.

All promotional activities should be prepared according to the rules in the Başkent University Corporate Identity Booklet.


Baskent University Visual Communication Standards Booklet

Baskent University Visual Communication Standards Booklet has been prepared to guide you while introducing our University and includes explanations about the principles that make up the corporate identity of Başkent University.

Every detail in the booklet is complementary to the identity of Başkent University and it is of great importance to use it consistently.

You can download "Visual Communication Standards Booklet V.5" from here.


University Promotional Materials

Baskent University Promotional Materials are presented in the appendix as 3 concepts.



Başkent University Logo

The official logo of Başkent University should be used according to the rules of use in the Visual Communication Standards booklet.

You can download Başkent University Logo (Turkish) from here.

You can download Başkent University Logo (English) from here.

EPS files should be used for print jobs in design programs. JPG files are prepared for uses such as presentations, websites, word documents. PNG files are prepared with a blank (transparent) background for use such as presentations, websites, word documents.


Letterhead and Presentation

You can access the letterhead and powerpoint presentation, which are among the corporate identity components prepared within the scope of Başkent University Corporate Identity studies in this field. To log in to the system, you must be a defined user. If you are a registered user (BÜKİK faculty representative), you must use your e-mail username and password defined for Başkent University personnel to log in to the system.

You can download "Letterhead and Presentation" from here.


Tobacco Free Campus

You can download "Tobacco Free Campus Logo" here.